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Wearing High Heels Too Often Increases Risk of Cancer Specialists Warn – World Of Buzz

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High heels can cause plantar fasciitis in the heel and arch of your foot

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It might sound insane when I tell you that I liken my decision to wear high heels to my decision, at age 15, to take up bass guitar— but hear me out.

There’s no denying the power of wearing high heels. They give us confidence, can take an outfit from drab to fab, and according to a study from France, …

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Top Six Negative Effects of Wearing High Heels:

You feel more gentle and elegant wearing them as well, i haven’t worn anything but high heels since i was 13.

Try wearing high heels.


5 Risks of Wearing High Heels- Harmful Effects on Body – Fitness Health Zone

The pros for wearing high heels by flat foot people is that it gives grace and confidence to the women and she can take small lady like steps.

How Wearing High Heels Hurts Your Body

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There are a couple of tips on how to properly wear high heels without eventually having to throw them into the wastebasket.

What’s wrong with wearing high heels?

I love wearing highheels; there is just something about them that lifts your self-esteem. Now that I see the height of the heels that are in fashion, …

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Heels put more pressure on the ball of your foot

How to Buy and Wear High Heeled Shoes

Commuting to work in high heels – is it worth the hassle?

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